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The team has done a great job at our events. Managing hundreds of athletes post-race can be a huge challenge and they handle it like pros! If you are looking to take your event to another level call in the team from Stay Tuned and aid your athletes to accelerated recovery!

~ John Sellinger Red Rock Company/ Marketing Director, Leadville Race Series at Life Time Fitness

“Operating a world-renowned training center catering to the needs of some of the world’s finest athletes requires the highest levels of commitment and expertise on a number of fronts, and this requirement certainly extends to the sports massage therapy component. I have had a myriad of opportunities to experience Geoffrey’s work firsthand with our visiting athletes, whether they were Olympic-level swimmers from Japan, national team members from Athletics Canada, or top athletes from the Australian Institute of Sport. In said experience, I always found his knowledge base to be extensive, his hands-on experience with athletes unquestionable, and his ability to build rapport and trust (vital to his profession, in my opinion) most admirable.

Perhaps the greatest testament to Geoffrey’s capabilities lies in the fact that I typically receive requests from visiting athletes to work with him again when here for training camps. I believe there can be no other statement regarding his abilities that supersedes this one in importance. His reputation amongst the athletes we serve, all of who’ve clearly had the opportunity to work with therapists at the highest levels, is beyond reproach.

I can state without reservation that Geoffrey has proven himself to be an integral part of the support system infrastructure that has been so vital to the success of our Olympic Training Site. I can only assume that my positive experience with him will be echoed in your own, should you have an opportunity to work with him.”

~Sean H. Anthony

Hypo2 Sports Management

“When you are trying to manage training for three sports, working with a therapist who understands how the body is supposed to work is essential. The better aligned your body, the more effectively you can manage the physical load that comes from recruiting three very different motor patterns. Geoffrey is able to draw on his skills in the areas of myoskeletal alignment, active isolated stretching, myofascial release, and traditional soft-tissue manipulation when evaluating the best way to treat someone. With so many different tools to utilize, Geoffrey is never limited in his treatment options. He can give an athlete the best of several options, rather than trying to do the best possible job with a single, potentially ineffective or non-optimal, treatment methodology. Every athlete is an individual, with unique needs for peak performance. Geoffrey’s wide ranging skill-set allows him to offer the right option – and in some cases, right options – to keep many athletes, including myself, functioning at the highest level.”
– Jordan Rapp
Ironman Triathlete
My wife and I both competed in Ironman Arizona this year (2011) and were pleasantly surprised to find a sports massage group located in our hotel, Spring Hill Inn and Suites. We signed up for a session that night, two days before the race,

as I had just finished driving in that day from Arkansas (over 1000 miles) and I was feeling the drive. Geoffrey, whom I worked with, did an incredible job ascertaining my needs before starting and then recommending different approaches based on the drive, my training, existing issues, etc. and I came away feeling very relaxed without being “overworked” as you can sometimes feel after a massage.
We did a second treatment the next day after our last short brick workout to help relax and get some sleep before the race. Again, Geoffrey recommended a few techniques to prime a few major muscle movers in preparation for the big day on the next morning, and again, I came away feeling relaxed and energized rather than “flat”. This is due to their “sports” specific knowledge and appreciation of concepts such as “elastic return” and that as athletes we need a certain amount of support and coil to keep our muscles primed and ready for action, but still need the “right amount” of relief and restoration.
This combination is hard to find, in my experience, and in less capable hands a massage can leave you feeling dulled right before a race rather than ready. We were ready! The next day we got a recovery based massage and left the day after our Ironman walking like regular people instead of “Dawn of the Dead” with a great amount of that due to these guys.
We would definitely recommend and will definitely use again at the next opportunity. Any chance you guys want to set up shop in Northwest Arkansas?
~Mark Mohler
Ready 2 transition Multisport
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