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Bear Jaw Groove & Flagstaff Sports Massage

July 28, 2012

Flagstaff Sports Massage will be at Bear Jaw Groove 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race on September 8th, 2012!  We’ll actually be there on the afternoon of the 7th if you need a pre-race  shake out.  Look at it as a helping hand, nothing too deep, a good stretch, range of motion, muscle stimulation, tissue preparation, joint stretching routine, and a great way to settle your mind.  Intra-event massage and post race massage are customized to suit as well.

Allen Rubin working hips at Dawn to Dusk

Weather you are planning for a win or just a great long ride with some friends in the woods, there is no need to suffer more than the others.  Did you know the winning female at Whiskey Off Road, Pua Mata, used Flagstaff Sports Massage just prior to start time?  True story.  While it may not have been the only thing that helped, certainly did not stop her from crushing it!

FSM has been supporting the Arizona Mountain Biking scene since 2001.  Geoffrey Bishop worked the MBAA races, valley triathlons, local runs and more for two years solo style, and now is back with a team large enough to accommodate the long wait lines.  The therapists are hand selected for their skills and knowledge in working with athletes, this is no on site class room experience with therapists who may never become sports therapists.  Yep, this is the real deal.

Massage/bodywork during an endurance event such as Bear Jaw Groove won’t make you bonk.  Many of  the riders at 24 Hours in The Old Pueblo who used FSM came on back to the massage tent a few times and reported, and I quote, “I don’t think I could have done that last lap without you!”  or, “That last lap felt better than the one before, thank you so much for the great work.”  So, while it may be anecdotal, we know you can benefit from the work our therapists have to offer!  It’s sort of up to you how much you suffer.  We are happy to help!

You can pre book sessions if you like, e mail Geoffrey Bishop at

Rates: $20 per 15 min session, and you can have as many as you like!

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